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Innovative Parents mention their childs in life

Innovative Parents mention their childs in life

Amy Bennett, musician

“When my child that is first was, I happened to be amazed by exactly how quickly he developed. Often he'd get up from the nap searching older. It filled me with similar bittersweet wonder we experience with time-lapse photography. It shifted my perception of the time. Meanwhile, I became also experiencing quite susceptible and instinctively made paintings that were literally more distanced, while we processed my brand new experience and life style. As opposed to working at a scale where numbers are about an inches high, I zoomed down to a drone sort of view, compared to that point right before it is possible to identify people whenever you’re descending in a airplane.

“I made a few paintings checking out the development of a landscape that is fake it evolved into a city. It wasn’t that I felt ready to make work about parenthood until I had settled into my new life in the suburbs and was pregnant with my second child five years later.