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Intimate Assault Survivor’s Guide. The pages you see right here have now been published by the CSB/SJU CERTS group

Intimate Assault Survivor's Guide. The pages you see right here have now been published by the CSB/SJU CERTS group

This is certainly a student/staff partnership made to facilitate honest, open discussion regarding sexual health conditions so that you can foster healthier, safe choices and a host that will not accept, condone or encourage sexual intercourse without consent.

Unfortuitously, sexual attack does happen which is a time that is terrifying, confusing camonster and generally speaking packed with thoughts when it comes to victim/survivor. Develop all pages and posts right here can act as a beginning point out understanding those emotions, finding resources, and taking the actions towards recovery. There are definitions, how to handle it straight away when you have been sexually assaulted, crisis contacts, ideas about reporting, a description of typical emotions plus some tips about how to cope, a hyperlink to your CSB/SJU intimate misconduct policy, commonly asked questions regarding the insurance policy, also information for the people closest for you. This can be an evolving work so we welcome any resources that you have got discovered that we would not have detailed, in addition to any feedback. We should do our better to get this meet your needs. Please deliver commentary to email protected.

Below, you'll find a few of the concepts through the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center that people additionally feel would be the foundation for how exactly we address intimate health insurance and intimate attack.