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Just how to have casual intercourse with your home mate

Just how to have casual intercourse with your home mate

We asked some freshers who’ve thrown caution into the wind

Countless horror stories and terms of knowledge from older pupils have taught us that sleeping with somebody down the hallway is extremely dangerous.

Nonetheless very very first 12 months pupils Ben, learning Biochemistry, and Emma, learning American Studies and movie, making the effort to defy the chances by getting into an informal, solely real relationship.

They behave like friends, share the cheeky that is occasional snog and also have you to definitely go back home with if required. In the event that other brought some body house, there is no feelings that are hard or so they do say. The set began resting together about a month into term, so we chose to finally uncover what it’s really choose to casually shag your housemate.

Hi dudes. So reveal – how can the specific situation work?

Emma: We’re friends, whom sleep together. But, we are able to get with anybody you want to. In basic, either of us can perform that which we want, whenever we want, therefore the other one won’t mind.