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Analysis class of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Basic specs

Analysis class of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Basic specs

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AITC supports the growth associated with the generation that is next of for astronomy and area technology.


RSAA operates its research telescopes into the Mount Stromlo Observatory and Siding Spring Observatories.

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Wide-Field Spectrograph (WiFeS)

WiFeS is definitely an integral-field, or imaging, spectrograph, which means that it records a range from each pixel regarding the area this is certainly imaged. WiFeS ended up being created and built at RSAA and set up during the telescope that is 2.3m might 2009. The style attracts upon the history of both the RSAA's Dual-Beam Spectrograph (DBS), additionally the image-slicer that is concentric regarding the Near-infrared Integral-Field Spectrograph (NIFS) that has been manufactured by RSAA for the Gemini Observatory.

WiFeS was designed to deliver as much simultaneous spectra as feasible over a continuing area for the sky, each covering since wide a spectral range as you possibly can. It runs over the complete optical wavelength range. Two separate digital digital cameras are widely used to record the spectra, each optimised for the part that is particular of wavelength range. More info about spectroscopy and how WiFeS works is found when you look at the content WiFeS additionally the art that is fine of.

WiFeS will be utilized for a broad array of systematic applications, including: