Miesiąc: Styczeń 2016

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In the bathroom behind me a ginormous turd had lodged itself

I won spoil much, but in one season this show had more balls than most others have over entire series. Some crazy shit happens there, and it really sucks that it was forgotten, especially since it ends on a cliffhanger. I give just about anything for a TV movie to wrap up the plot.. The […]
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As my wife has reminded me many times just because it worked

From racist crazies like sessions to corporate shills like ajit pai. I would argue he hasn been as bad as a lot of people have anticipated but I feel we cannot continue to move forward as a country under his leadership due to his focus in the wrong areas. He claims to want to put […]
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Their entire trunks were branchless and they fell straight

Some are ordered to work without pay as well. The situation can last long because of this; the longest shutdown was 21 days. It exists because it puts pressure on them to act and compromise. There used to be these massive forests sex doll, filled with trees called kauri. These things were giants sex doll, […]